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From the experts at Dune Sport – here is some information we hope you find useful in your research for the perfect Toy Hauler!

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How to Tow Your Toy Hauler Safely

First things first – you will need to know how much weight your vehicle can tow. Check with your vehicle’s manufacturer or vehicle dealer for specifics and towing capabilities.

Why is trailer weight so important?

We realize that many of our customers end up towing their Toy Haulers through the mountains where they like to camp – so towing a heavy trailer uphill can make things even more difficult.

How are Dune Sport’s Toy Haulers so light weight?

Each trailer uses lightweight, but strong materials with overall trailer weight as one of our primary focuses. We also take more time and put more attention into building each trailer.

For example, when the walls are built, reinforcements are placed specifically where options are being installed (such as floodlights on the exterior, or bed-frames for a rear-electric bed system). As well, we use less lumber in our walls – but rather than just stapling the walls together, each piece of wood is glued into place. This means our walls are stronger overall, but less bulky. Finally, our interior wall material is not just stapled into place – but it is bonded to the frame with Liquid Nails adhesive.

Another way that we cut out weight is by using a light-weight roof. While some of our larger units have heavy-duty walk-on roofs, we remove this option from most of our smaller toy haulers. We have found that customers would rather save a few hundred pounds on the overall weight of the trailer, rather than having an extremely heavy walk-on roof.

Does Dune Sport sacrifice structural integrity in order to cut weight?

Absolutely not. We use only heavy-duty (typically a “I-Beam”) chassis, and we do NOT cut any holes in the frame to reduce weight. We also use only a box-channel tongue, rather than the lighter-weight “C” channel which has been known to bend in other brands.

Just because you CAN tow that much weight, does not mean you should!

Many half-ton trucks are rated at towing close to or even more than 10,000 pounds. According to those numbers, it may seem that you could tow any one Dune Sport trailer…but this is not necessarily true! However, we will never try and oversell you! A 33ft toy hauler may be under your rating, but it’s definitely not always safe! Here are a few other things to consider besides weight:

Length of Trailer: A trailer that is extremely long in comparison to your vehicle’s wheel base can make it difficult to control the trailer.

Going Uphill? Towing your max may be just fine for short, flat trips….but what about going up into the mountains?

Safety Equipment: Dune Sport HIGHLY recommends using a trailer-brake controller (EVERY one of our trailers is equipped with electric brakes on BOTH axles). As well, you should seriously consider a weight-distributing hitch and sway control for added safety.

 v6 / Small Truck – Past Customer’s Towing

Toyota Tacoma v6
Ken in Mesa, AZ tows his 17ft PHX Hauler with his Toyota Tacoma.
Jimmy in Casa Grande, AZ tows his 17ft SandShark with his.

Nissan X-Terra v6
Ken in Escondido, CA tows his 17ft SandShark with his Nissan X-Terra.
Don and Donna in Chandler, AZ, tow their 15ft PHX Hauler with theirs.

Nissan Frontier v6
Casey in Tucson, AZ tows his 19ft Toy Hauler with his Nissan Frontier.

Chevy S-10 v6
Dennis in Apache Junction, AZ tows his 17ft SandShark with his S-10 4×4.

v8 / Half-Ton – Past Customer’s Towing

Chevy Tahoe
Sean and Melinda from Maricopa, AZ tow their 25ft Toy Hauler with their 1/2 ton Chevy Tahoe.

Chevy 1/2-ton Suburban
the Allen Family in Loveland, CO tow their 25ft Toy Hauler with their 1/2 ton suburban

Chevy 1/2-ton Silverado Truck
the Denys Family in Hilmar, CA tow their 24ft Toy Hauler with their 1/2 ton Chevy pickup.

Ford F150 Half-Ton
The Romero Family from Aztec, NM tow their 25ft Toy Hauler with his F150.
Cliff from Avondale, AZ tows his 25ft Toy Hauler with his half-ton Ford.
Truett from Mesa, AZ tows his 25ft Toy Hauler with his half-ton F150.

Dodge Ram 1500
The Jones Family in Mesa, AZ tow their 24ft with their half-ton Dodge.

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