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From the experts at Dune Sport – here is some information we hope you find useful in your research for the perfect Toy Hauler!

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  • Q: Why are your prices so much lower than anyone else?

    A: There are several reasons why Dune Sport can offer quality-built Toy Haulers at MUCH lower than the competition…here are just a few reasons:

    1. Inventory – we do not brag about carrying “HUNDREDS OF MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM” – instead, we try to keep a limited selection to keep our costs down. Plus, we specialize in Toy Haulers. And when you want something we do not have in stock, we can order it for you and have it delivered to you in just a few short weeks but be sure to ask a specialist what our current turn times are
    2. Volume – Thanks to our competitive pricing and quality, Dune Sport focuses on selling a higher amount of Toy Haulers, without sacrificing quality and service.
    3. Low Overhead – We do not have a big, fancy lot with lots of high-priced inventory and big expenses to pay. We are simply a family-run business.
    4. Personalized Service – We do not have an army of high-pressure salespeople, just a friendly and personal atmosphere! We are here before, and afer the sale – by email, phone, online chat, or at our Mesa, Arizona location.
    5. Exclusive Relationship – We have an exclusive relationship with a manufacturer right down the street from us. They build campers exclusively for Dune Sport. This allows our customers to benefit from manufacturer direct style pricing.
  • Q: What kind of service and manufacturers warranty come with your Toy Haulers?

    A: Any brand new toy hauler you buy from Dune Sport will come with an industry standard 1 year manufacturers warranty. All warranties are covered by their individual manufacturers. Dune Sport is authorized to perform almost all manufacturer service work – but most warranty work can also be performed by one of many manufacturer authorized dealers and RV Service Shops around the US and Canada! We also offer 5-year extended warranties on all of our brand new toy haulers.

  • Q: Where are you located? Where are your trailers built?

    A: The factory is located in Apache Junction, AZ. Dune Sport headquarters is located in Mesa – just east of Phoenix, AZ.

  • Q: Where is the closest dealer to me?

    A: We do not have dealerships located across the country. Instead, we ship everything directly to your home. That way you are able to get factory-direct pricing and front-door service. We have shipped all across the United States and Canada – from Alaska to Florida!

  • Q: What else will I need in order to tow my toy hauler?

    A: Dune Sport strongly recommends you speak with your local vehicle dealer for specifics. Generally, most vehicles need a “7-way round” plug on the back of their towing vehicle in order to connect to the lights and brakes on the Toy Hauler. As well, you will need a hitch rated to tow the Gross weight of your new trailer. In order to use the built-in braking axles on the toy hauler, you will need to have Dune Sport or a local shop install a Trailer Brake Controller. This controller is mounted inside your vehicle and typically sits under your dash near your right knee-cap. This syncs the brakes on your vehicle with the brakes on your trailer, ensuring the safest stop possible. As well, Dune Sport highly recommends a “weight-distributing hitch” (also referred to as “equalizer hitch” or “stabilizer hitch”) despite the tow vehicle or trailer. This helps to level the truck for towing by distributing the tongue weight of the trailer across the entire tow vehicle. Also, Dune Sport recommends a sway-controller to be added to the hitch. This acts as a “brake” and helps prevent “fishtailing” of the trailer – especially useful in windy or highway conditions.

  • Q: Do you take trade-ins?

    A: Yes, we do! Feel free to click on our trade-ins tab and you can find out how much we are able to give you.

  • Q: Can extra tie-downs be added to your Toy Haulers?

    A: YES! Remember we get your unit built specifically for you so go ahead and add anything you need to make this the perfect toy hauler

  • Q: Can you get a screen wall or room for my Toy Hauler?

    A: YES! We typically keep most screen walls in stock. We can either ship it to you, or you can have it installed onto your trailer for FREE by one of our Dune Sport technicians.

    Screen rooms are also available for the rear ramp door and also the awning / porch, but due to the the vast variations of sizes, are available only as a special order. Just ask a Dune Sport representative for details.

  • Q: What is the rating of insulation? How do your trailers handle the colder weather?

    A: All walls and ceilings are typically insulated with a rating of R-11. We have sold trailers to many extremely cold-weather environments such as Alaska, Canada, and the northern/mountain states of the US. Check out our testimonials to find out how customers have reported how well they hold up in the colder weather!

  • Q: How long does it take for my custom trailer to be built?

    A: Typical lead time will vary based on industry condition and can range from 6-20 weeks. Contact us today for a detailed consultation on your needs and our current time frames.

  • Q: Are your trailers available with a walk-on roof?

    A: YES! This option is available by custom order, and may be included on larger units. However, keep in mind that walk-on roofs are for service purposes only, and are NEVER recommended for use by more than one person, or for camping, sitting, etc.

  • Q: Can I order my Toy Hauler with customized decals?

    A: YES! By special order, we can get you almost any colors of decals for your toy hauler. In fact we can match almost any car, truck, suv, 4 wheeler, dirt bike, side by side or pretty much anything you can get us a paint sample or paint code off. Plus we no longer have those vinyl decals installed but instead your decals are now real paint. This lasts longer, looks better and allows us to match nearly any color you want.

  • Q: Do you build Handicap-Accessible Toy Haulers?
  • Q: What is the smallest toy hauler you can build with a front bedroom?

    A: Currently, our 20ft is the smallest toy hauler we offer in one of our standard floorplans, however feel free to get a front bedroom in any of our toy haulers. Just remember that a bedroom in the front eats up cargo space in the rear. So determine how much (if any) cargo space you need and then let us know how we can help you with a front bedroom in any our of sizes.