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From the experts at Dune Sport – here is some information we hope you find useful in your research for the perfect Toy Hauler!

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How to Secure Your Toys in Your Toy Hauler

The word “toy” in Toy Hauler can mean a lot of things – from ATVs and Motorcycles, to Dune Buggies and Rhinos. We even have customers who used their toy haulers for loading their boats, jet skis, and canoes! And some people simply prefer the “open” feeling of a toy hauler and extra space it provides – making it great even for families who have large crates for their pets.

No matter what you are hauling in your hauler, be sure everything is in there nice and secure! Not only can toys bounce around and cause damage to the interior of your trailer, but the shifting weight can also be a safety issue when towing your rig down the road.

Dune Sport recommends using ratcheting nylon straps similar to this one:

These straps come in a variety of sizes, but the idea is to find one that uses the ratchet to tighten the strap and remove all the play.

First, place your toy where you want it to rest inside your toy hauler. Be sure to keep it away from the walls, furniture, or cabinets if possible – rubbing against any of these items may cause damage to your toy hauler or your toy. Then, for bikes and ATVs, be sure to engage the parking brake and take it out of neutral where possible. Then, you can connect the end of a strap to one d-ring, the center of the strap through the frame of your toy, and the other end on a D-ring on the opposite end of your toy hauler. Then, crank down the ratchet until the strap is nice and tight. After securing both front and back of your toy, be sure to try and move it to see if there is any play or movement.

Recessed “D”-Ring Tie Downs

Tie downs should always be anchored into the FRAME or steel supports below the floor not into the wood floor itself! All Dune Sport Toy Hauler D-ring anchors come from the factory this way. However, most factories do not install D-rings into the front or kitchen area suggesting that toys should only be kept in the rear cargo area.

Some toy haulers only come with as little as 4 or 6 tie-downs, but securing your toys is still very possible. Remember that you can secure one bike to the D-Rings, then use part of the frame on that bike to tie down your next bike. Also, each D-Ring can be used for multiple tie-downs to different bikes.

Installing Additional Tie-Downs

When installing additional D-Rings, use a tape measure to find the exact place for installation along a steel center or part of the frame. Use a hole-saw (typically an attachment that connects to a drill) to cut the right sized hole. Then, use self-tapping screws to install the D-Rings. Your toy hauler may be available with additional tie-downs installed – and d-ring tie downs are also available for individual sale from Dune Sport.

Securing Motorcycles

When securing motorcycles in your toy hauler (whether a dirt bike, street bike, etc) remember that you need to make sure the bike won’t move front-to-back, or tip over on its side. Wheel chocks can be very handy, but not always required.

One option for securing multiple bikes in your toy hauler is to back your bikes in backwards, then push the front tires up against the rear ramp gate making sure you don’t cause any damage to the ramp. Then, secure the bikes to the furthest-back tie downs, pushing the front tire and its suspension into the ramp door. Then just secure the rear of the bikes to keep them from tipping over.

I didn’t need a camper, I needed a boat trailer for my mini tug-boat that I could sleep in! 23ft Toy Hauler pulled great with my short-bed half-ton GMC from Casa Grande, AZ all the way to Twin Falls, Idaho, and back! Dune Sport’s service was fantastic – everything worked great on the trailer, but when my water pump went out after several trips, I took it right to them and they replaced it for me THAT SAME DAY while I waited in their shop!

– Earnest Jeffries
23ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler
Casa Grande, AZ

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