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Cargo Weight Distribution

Most trailer manufacturers recommend placing approximately 60% of the cargo weight in front of the center axle line.  While this is a general rule for many cargo and toy haulers, be sure to check with your specific manufacturer and model for loading and cargo distribution instructions.

For toy haulers with two axles, this would mean the center point right in between the two axles.  Typically you can use your wheel wells as a guide – or if you don’t have wheel wells, you can use a “landmark” from the outside, such as a window, to help you find the approximate center of the axles on the inside. 

Since most manufacturers recommend the weight be distributed around the axles, Dune Sport does not recommend or build any type of toy hauler other than rear-loading toy haulers. Some other models may have ramp doors in the very front of the toy hauler, or even a cargo platform spread across an extended tongue - but this basically means almost all of your weight of your toys will be on your tongue and hitch - rather than more evenly dispersed across the trailer itself.

Having too much tongue weight can "squat" the rear of the towing vehicle, even if a weight-distributing hitch is being used. When the rear is sitting too low, this usually means the front of the tow vehicle does not have a secure grip on the road. This can be especially dangerous considering the front tires are used for turning!

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