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Satisfied Customers & Testimonials

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Here is just a few of our new friends who recently purchased Toy Haulers from Dune Sport!



Hi Casey,
We've had the hauler out on quite a few excursions this summer and it has been a blast! I replaced the ignitor you sent me for the water heater, and have not had a problem with the new unit. All the appliances are working well, and the AC unit is more than adequate. The hauler actually tows better with the jeep in it than empty. The family loves it! I have had people ask me about it on the road, and recommend it highly! Thank you for checking in! Regards,

Somis, CA

In early March 2015 we placed our order for a 14' Dune Sport Toy hauler. The salesman Tom Miller said it should be ready maybe late April or early May. We closed on the deal April 8th 2015 and brought home our PERFECT Toy Hauler Trailer. Dune did everything as ordered and went on to do several little things we did not expect. Two more tie downs for the UTV, an extra cabinet over the fridge, moved out front wall to gain 6 more inches of counter space etc. etc.... The Dune guys know their business and make COMMON SENSE modifications as needed. This is our 4th camper, and by far the easiest to use, live in and have fun and enjoy. We had some minor glitches and their response was beyond satisfactory. Both Tom and Brad went out of their way to be certain we were satisfied.We can't say enough good about these folks. AND their pricing beat out all the competition. We also were pleasantly surprised to see a majority of the parts and structure said "Made in USA" This is a high quality, fairly priced unit. You will be happy with the quality and the customer service before and especially after the sale.

Tombstone, AZ

We purchased an 18' Firestorm Toyhauler at the end of February 2015 from Tom Miller. Since then we have camped over 10 weeks and have really enjoyed it. From our first meeting with Tom to delivery, everything that was promised was met or exceeded. The quality and fit and finish is first class. The warranty work was done on time and to our satisfaction. We pull the Toyhauler with a Ford F150 with a 5.0 V8 without a problem.

Concho, AZ - 18 foot CDS Toy Hauler

We are exceptionally pleased with our new trailer. There is ample storage, the bathroom is huge, and beds comfortable. The quality of workmanship is superb. We towed it over 3500 miles right after taking delivery, and we didn't have a single major failure. It remained dry during torrential rains when passing through Edmonton Alberta, warm during a cold night in northern Yukon Territories, and stayed in one piece when drug through what seemed endless miles of road construction. Once again, we are very happy we used Dune Sport.

North Pole, AK

26' Dynamite Firestorm "DW"

We just recently purchased a 14 ft. toy hauler. We have been waiting for about 2 years to get one, so our time has finally come. The past 2 seasons of going out to Glamis, we have tented it and have always tried to make it our home away from home. Laid carpet in our tent and everything. Our group has been giving us a hard time about tenting it and said we should get a toy hauler. So we decided to purchase one. Well we do not have to suffer through bad winds any more. We are starting to make our toy hauler look like home away from home. Thank you Dune Sport! We found you on the internet and we are very satisfied with our new purchase. We finally get to go out for Presidents Day Weekend 2013. And can not wait to show our group!!!

Exondido, CA

14ft Firestorm "CB" Toy Hauler

We ordered our Dune Sport 24 foot Toy Hauler in August 2012, picked it up myself in Mesa, AZ. In March 2013.

It was just what we wanted and ordered. The guys at Dune Sport were a pleasure to do business with and ensured us that if we needed anything to just call and they would be on it.

Drove all the way back to Missouri (1400 miles) and it pulled wonderful.

After getting back to Missouri and the 14inches of snow melted, we took it out for our first weekend trip on April 6th.

Everything hooked up and worked without any problems. We have several weekends and week vacations planned for the rest of the year and am excited to have it.

Everything about this Toy Hauler we love and recommend anyone looking for a Toy Hauler to call Dune Sport.

Wright City, MO

24ft Firestorm Toy Hauler

"We are thrilled with our New Toy Hauler. It was worth the few bumps in the road that we took getting it here..But we are so HAPPY!"

Feel free to email us for our personal recommendation of Dune Sport:

Hubbard, OR

26ft Firestorm Toy Hauler with Front Bedroom

"We recently purchased our 24ft toy hauler from Dunesport, this was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make being that we couldn’t actually see the toy hauler before we purchased it. (since we live in California) We were also very nervous to pull this 24ft trailer w/ our half ton pick up, but w/ it ‘s light weight, we have had no trouble. I do have to say thru my obsessive calling prior to the arrival of our new toy. James handled each and every call in a very timely and professional manner. I was very nervous about colors, fabric, floors and walls, but I do have to say everything was far better than I ever imagined. Even the delivery was a delight. RJ was there to answer any questions we had. We are very happy with the looks both inside and out of our toy hauler. I also liked the fact that Dunesport was there to answer all questions but yet not pushing us into the purchase. I would definitely recommend Dunesport to anyone looking to purchase a toy hauler.

If you would like to hear it from me personally please call 831-233-3019. You won’t get the price or quality else where. Even with living out of state they have been very easy to deal w/ the minor problems that have come up so far. Thanks again for helping our family get this toy that will give us a lifetime of memories." -Jenn

24ft toy hauler from Dunesport
Hilmar, CA

We got our 17ft Toy Hauler the week before Thanksgiving and took it camping over the holiday the next was great! It´s not huge but has everything we´d need and probably a few things we didn´t need but just wanted:) It really was a good purchase for us and a very smooth experience thanks to Chance and the rest of the staff there at Dune Sport...everyone there has been more than helpful with anything we´ve needed. We´re happy to give info and references, just email Thanks guys!

15ft Toy Hauler
San Antonio, TX

Last Saturday we took it to the local SVRA at Prairie City. The Jeep did great towing it, although it was a little slow going up the big hills but that was expected. We had several people come take a look....they all loved it:) We love it to, it´s perfect! Please email me if you have any questions:

Sacramento, CA

15ft Toy Hauler towed with Jeep Liberty

"We absolutely love our 12 foot firestorm toy hauler - and every chance we get, we show it off. We have also spent many relaxing weekends camping - our favorite places have been a beach resort in St. Augustine (Bryn Mawr) and Disney´s Fort Wilderness. Our Harley Davidson Fatboy fits the unit just fine and has given us more mobility and freedom to ride in new places without having to travel long distances. Last week it was Biketoberfest in Daytona. It´s been one of our happiest and most rewarding purchases. We keep saying...nothing compares. It´s perfect for us and our two pups."

12ft Small Toy Hauler
Jacksonville, FL

"My wife and I love are NEW Toy hauler. It fits our two quads in it with no problems and lots of room to spare. Thanks Chance and all you at Dune sports for making one our dreams come true. GOOD JOB!"

- Firestorm 14ft Toy Hauler
Suak Maintain trip - Oak Harbor, Washington

"We just picked up the toy hauler. Oscar is a gem! A more likable, sociable person would be hard to find. Oscar was very helpful and appreciate you guys sending him. Please send my compliments to the boss. I want to thank you as well. I know I may have been difficult at times, but as I said, I have been burned before and needed to make sure we were getting what we wanted and needed. We will be taking some pictures as soon as it warms up and sending them. I have a friend who picked this up with me and I know he is interested, but I have many more people that just might be contacting you."

Athens, AL
20ft Firestorm Toy Hauler with Front Bedroom

"Id just like to say that we absolutely love the trailer... we love the way it pull´s, handles, and looks! We pull it with our ´06 Toyota Tacoma and it always has 2 quads, gear etc. With the insane stereo (out door speakers) and LCD T.V. system, we are always finding something to do while in camp. The best part that we have experienced with purchasing from AZ Dune-sport, was of course the service and price that we paid. Thank you Chance and Dune-sport!"

- Jeff from Centerville, UT
15ft Monsoon Toy Hauler towed with Toyota Tacoma v6

Beckie & Brent in Las Vegas, NV
Custom 15ft Monsoon Toy Hauler towed with Honda Ridgeline

with a 19ft Toy Hauler from Maricopa, AZ and towed with 2004 Dodge Ram

I am writing this email to let everyone know what a wonderful experience we have had with dealing with Chance and everyone at Dune Sport ! The entire process from picking out the toy hauler, getting it financed and picked up was so incredibly easy and painless. I think the best part has been the customer service after the sale that has made me realize what a great company you guys are running over there !! It is really easy for a company to be nice up until the sale is closed but these guys have exceeded my expectations in every way AFTER the sale !! Its been 10 months since we got our toy hauler and needed to get a replacement part and Chance took care of me in the same fashion he did when I was ordering the toy hauler which says a lot!!! We have had plenty of trips, almost 5 full weeks of camping time in it and can say this is the best investment for my family I have ever made, We have been everywhere from Glamis to the Cinders in Flagstaff and with many more miles to come. Again thanks Chance and everyone from Dune Sport, this company comes with my 100% recomendation!!!

I am completely satisfied with my 2010 15ft Monsoon Toy Hauler. I towed it up to 9000 feet near Cloudcroft, NM. I had no problems climbing the mountain with my two-wheel drive half-ton Ford F-150. My toy hauler slept 4 people and hauled 2 ATVs (full size) with room to spare. You will not find a better deal anywhere.

15ft Monsoon Toy Hauler
El Paso, TX

"These guys are great to work with! Product is great too. I would highly recommend doing business here."

David Brown
Anchorage, Alaska

I didn´t need a camper, I needed a boat trailer for my mini tug-boat that I could sleep in! 23´ Toy Hauler pulled great with my short-bed half-ton GMC from Casa Grande, AZ all the way to Twin Falls, Idaho, and back! Dune Sport´s service was fantastic - everything worked great on the trailer, but when my water pump went out after several trips, I took it right to them and they replaced it for me THAT SAME DAY while I waited in thier shop!

23ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler
Casa Grande, AZ

"Toy hauler worked out great. Our maiden voyage was to the desert near mojave in January. pulled great loaded with two adult quads, one adult bike and two kids bikes, not to mention my 8000 w. generator. Planning our next trip to the desert as soon as the weather stabilizes."


20ft Toy Hauler
Hanford, CA

I use my 15ft trailer I purchased from AZDunesport every weekend racing motorcycles. I expected to have the usual problems you get when buying a new trailer/motorhome with interior or exterior issues, but I have to say I haven´t had one problem with mine. The cabinets, blinds, electrical etc., are as strong today as almost a year ago when I bought the trailer. Plus I tow the vehicle behind my 30ft motorhome NO PROBLEM. The light weight of this trailer feels the same as when I has a 14ft regular tow behind enclosed motorcycle trailer.

- Charlie from San Ramon, CA

- Chuck

20ft Toy Hauler

buried in snow in Jackson, Wyoming!

I wanted to take this opportunity to express how satisfied I am with the purchase of my 2010 15ft Monsoon Toy Hauler.

I received excellent customer service from James and Chance. I visited each of them numerous times and they were always courteous and polite. My visits with them included the details and design of my particular model. They exceeded my expectations in customer service.

I would recommend your business to anyone looking to purchase a toy hauler. I look forward to continuing our business relationship in the future.

2010 15ft Monsoon Toy Hauler
Scottsdale, AZ


picture taken near the summit of Monarch Pass in Colorado

"We took that 25ft Monsoon off of your lot we have already gotten a lot of use out of our camper. We camped all the back to Colorado from Arizona. Spent 9 nights from Colorado out to Moab, UT back into Colorado. The function and versatility of the camper is fantastic. I stopped by Camping World today because I seen that they had received some new toyhaulers and they just didn’t stack up against the Monsoon. The layout wasn’t as functional and not built as well with about a $35,000 sticker price. We just wanted to let you know how much we love our Monsoon."

Fountain, CO
25ft Monsoon towed with Chevy Suburban

"In the case of YOUR company, I am sure you hear this a lot! But I wanted to say how EXTREMELY HAPPY we are that you have always lived up to your promises and continued to provide the best service to us, Even after our purchase. I dont want to sound crazy with excitement, but there are few and far between any companies that continue to take care of their customers after they completed a sale! I will always recommend you to my friends and family."

Tucson, AZ

30ft Toy Hauler

"Our 25ft Dub edition toy hauler was delivered on Tuesday, and we left for a 1200 mile trip to Indiana Wednesday after work. We drove into the night in a rain storm pulling our new camper with our 2008 1/2 ton Suburban. The trip went off without any problems. In a period of two weeks, we put over 2500 miles on the new Dub. We have never bought something so big with only seeing it on the internet. Chance and the guys were great to work with. Thanks so much. We have another trip planned into the mountains next weekend. AZDUNE SPORT is OUTSTANDING!"

25ft Toy Hauler towed with 1/2-ton Suburban
Loveland, CO

" Trailer is sweet. Photo of the maiden May! Way Rad."

- Glendale, AZ
- 25ft Toy Hauler

"Our 25 foot toy hauler was a great purchase and working with the professionals at AZ Dune Sport was delightful. The initial concern was that our 2005 Chevy Tahoe would have challenges pulling it. With the weight distribution hitch and a few small performance additions to the vehicle it had no issue. I replaced the standard air intake with a performance filter (K&N) and used a Superchips tuner to put the vehicle in tow mode (increased torque). Both of these additions didn´t cost much and took less than 45 minutes to personally install. We strongly recommend AZ Dune Sport!!!"

25 foot toy hauler
Maricopa, AZ

"I just wanted to say thanks again. We stayed our first night in the 25ft toy hauler over the weekend & we LOVE it!! This weekend is Nascar & we are so excited!"

Goodyear, AZ

25 foot Toy Hauler with front sleeper and Onan propane generator

"We took it to Glamis and it all went well! I also turned right around and went to the Parker 425 off road race and also pulled great...We, as a family are real happy with the purchase."

Glendale, AZ

15ft Toy Hauler towed with Jeep Liberty v6

"Very smooth and easy transaction. Awesome!!!"


Safford, AZ

25ft Monsoon Toy Hauler pulled with 1/2 ton Ford

"This was truly a fun experience. We had been looking at used trailers, but found we could get a new one from here for almost the same price. We felt very comfortable asking lots of questions and were very satisfied with the entire process. We had a very succesful first time trip. Thanks for all your helpful tips!"

Phoenix, AZ

23 foot Toy Hauler

"The trailer has been great! It has been 4 wheeling a couple of time and have had no problems with anything!"

Gilbert, AZ

Custom-ordered 21 foot DuneSport Toy Hauler

"The guys at Dune Sport were easy to work with. I take my trailer out every other weekend and it performs better than any other trailer that I´ve ever had. I would recommend to anyone looking for quality at a great price to check out Dune Sport!"

Mesa, AZ

23 foot DuneSport Toy Hauler towed by 1/2 ton Chevy Silverado

A few months back I was into buying a toy hauler and by chance I ran across AZ Dune Sport, witch had really good prices compared to other toy hauler companies. So I purchased one from Chance. He made the experience easy for me considering the fact that I work out of the country. Well, when I came back, my toy hauler was already set and ready to go all I had to do was sign the papers and drive off with my new 23ft Toy Hauler. This was a good see I had an unforeseen incident in my family back then and I had to drive up to Oregon to spend time with my family. So instead of wasting money on a hotel room, I hooked up my new toy hauler to my dodge ram 2500 quad cab and started my trip up north. She towed nicely - man I couldn’t be happier! I towed my hauler over a 1000 miles from Phoenix, AZ to Medford, OR and back down into California before heading back home to Phoenix. But I always had a place to stay -- that was the really nice part. I could pull over anywhere and have a bite to eat or just relax for a bit. Well, needless to say, by the time I reached back home to AZ I found towing my hauler all the way up and back saved me a little cash and made me smile. Pretty cool owning a Dune Sport Toy Hauler.

23ft DuneSport Toy Hauler
Apache Junction, AZ

"We had an outstanding time - it»s the best thing having your own toy hauler! The truck pulled it really well - we were able to do 65 mph all the way to Glamis!"

Avondale, AZ

25ft Toy Hauler
Towed with Ford F150

"I pulled it with my Chevy S10 truck and it pulled great! It even pulled great up the grades through Payson!"

Apache Junction, AZ

Custom 17ft Toy Hauler
Towed with Chevy S10 v6 Pickup

"It has been a pleasusre working with you. I have never purchased such a large item that was so easy. We recommend you all the time to anyone who is looking for a toy hauler. This was a great purchase!"

Safford, AZ

23 foot Toy Hauler

"Everything went smooth! We towed it with our Chevy 1500 just great!"

Laveen, AZ

Custom-Ordered 23ft Corner-Bed Toy Hauler

"I glad I bought the toy hauler from you. You guys are on the ball and do business the right way, no B.S.!"

Page, AZ

Custom 21ft Toy Hauler with Front-Corner Bedroom
Towed with Ford F150

"We loved it! It did everything we wanted it to do and more!"

Queen Creek, AZ

19.5ft Toy Hauler

"They guys at Dunesport ROCK! They bent over backwards to get me in the perfect trailer. As far as quality & price.... They just can not be beat!"


14ft Toy Hauler

Albuquerque, NM

Rachel and Gary
East Moline, IL
20 foot Typhoon Toy Hauler with Front Bedroom

Lance and Melissa

We got the toy hauler yesterday, I just wanted to say thank you for everything. It is exactly what we wanted!

Build a custom Toy Hauler!

- Jim and Family
Wallingford, Connecticut
25ft Monsoon Toy Hauler towed with 1/2 ton Dodge Ram 1500

- Mary and Family
Carson City, NV
15ft Monsoon Toy Hauler towed with Toyota 4-Runner v6 SUV

Healey Family
Chandler, AZ
Monsoon 15ft Toy Hauler

- Shane from Eager, AZ
15ft Monsoon Toy Hauler towed with Toyota Tacoma v6 pickiup

- Tony in San Diego, CA
Monsoon 15ft Toy Hauler

Rocky & Sandra
Lusk, WY
Firestorm 20ft Toy Hauler with front bedroom

- Brad from San Diego, CA
25ft Monsoon Toy Hauler with Front Bedroom

Hutchins Family
Colorado Springs, CO
Firestorm 20ft Toy Hauler with Front Bedroom

- Pam & Earl
Kingman, AZ
Monsoon 18ft Custom Toy Hauler

- Mike Eklund
Bend, Oregon
Custom 25ft Monsoon Toy Hauler with Wheelchair accessible bathroom and front bedroom

- Shelley & Mike
Jacksonville, Florida
Firestorm 20ft Toy Hauler with Front Bedroom

- Dan from Entiat, Washington
Monsoon 16ft Custom Toy Hauler

- Don & Lynn
Monrovia, CA
Monsoon 21ft Custom Toy Hauler with Front Bedroom

Vince and Family
Long Beach, CA
Monsoon 20ft Custom Toy Hauler with front bedroom and removable tongue

- Gary
Eureka, CA
18ft Lightweight Toy Hauler

- Jeff & Kathy
Colorado Springs, CO
21ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler with front bedroom towed with 1/2 Ton Dodge Ram 1500 v8

- Dusty & Donna
Eunice, NM
24ft half-ton towable Toy Hauler with Front Bedroom

17ft Toy Hauler towed with Toyota Tacoma v6
Mesa, AZ

- Brian & Sue
Youngtown, AZ
18ft Monsoon Toy Hauler towed with Toyota FJ Cruiser V6

- Mariann & Jay
Guatay, CA
15ft Monson Toy Hauler with Customized Graphics

- Harris Family
Albuquerque, NM
15ft Monsoon Tiny Toy Hauler

- Diaz Family
Enterprise, FL
18ft Monsoon Toy Hauler

- Pat & Clifton
Meadview, AZ
25ft Monsoon Toy Hauler towed with 1/2 ton Dodge Ram Pickup V8

- Dan & Gwenn
Kyle, TX
25ft 1/2 ton towable Monsoon Toy Hauler

- Daniel & Stacy
Modesto, CA
Monsoon 25ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler

- Kevin
Orangevale, CA
21ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler with front bedroom

- Randy Jewett
Bishop, CA
Monsoon 21ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler with front bedroom towed with 1/2 ton Ford F150 pickup v8

- the Robbins Family
Peoria, AZ
Monsoon 18ft Small Toy Hauler

Andrew & Corrine
Grangeville, ID
21ft Monsoon Toy Hauler

Roberta & Wesley
Tallahassee, FL
18ft Monsoon Toy Hauler

Schuckers Family
Parachute, CO
Monsoon Custom 21ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler

Milota Family
Queen Creek, AZ
24ft Toy Hauler

25ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler towed with 1/2 ton Chevy Pickup
Houston, TX

Palm Bay, FL
19ft Toy Hauler with built-in Onan Generator, towed with 1/2 ton Ford F-150

15ft Toy Hauler
Las Vegas, NV

Crawford Family
Yuma, AZ

14ft Toy Hauler
Globe, AZ

Queen Creek, AZ
21ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler with Front Corner Bedroom

Steve & Noelle
19ft Toy Hauler
Gilbert, AZ

Clarita & Rick
15ft Toy Hauler
Globe, AZ

15ft Toy Hauler
Camp Verde, AZ

Billy & Julie
Custom Toy Hauler 20ft
Apache Junction, AZ

Choney Family
17ft Toy Hauler
Arizona City , AZ
24ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler
Prescott, AZ

David & Kelli
16ft Toy Hauler
Phoenix, AZ

25ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler
Mesa, AZ

Westover Family
17ft Toy Hauler
Surprise, AZ

24ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler
Apache Junction, AZ

Heflin Family
Small 17ft Toy Hauler
Tucson, AZ

21ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler with Front Bedroom
Texarkana, TX

Snyder Family
24ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler
Phoenix, AZ

25ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler with Front Bedroom
Apache Junction, AZ

Julie & Family
20ft Toy Hauler
Stanfield, AZ

Jones Family
24ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler towed with 1/2-ton Dodge Ram Pickup
Mesa, A

Gerald & Rodina
16ft Toy Hauler
Towed with Dodge Dakota
Santa Fe, NM

Ken & Family
17ft Toy Hauler towed with v6 Nissan X-Terra
Escondido, CA

the Miller Family
24ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler with Front Bedroom
towed with 1/2 ton Nissan Titan Pickup
Safford, AZ

the Lawrence Family
24ft Half-Ton Towable Toy Hauler
Hawthorne, NV
Build a custom Toy Hauler!