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Comparing Generator Options for your Toy Hauler

There are several different options to choose from when selecting the best toy hauler for your needs. This article highlights some of the pros and cons for 3 of our most popular generator options.

What do I need a generator for?

Most of our units are self contained - which means your trailer is made to run on its own, without rv "hookups". In most cases, everything in the trailer will function without a generator, with exception to the air conditioner, microwave, and anything else you may plug into a wall (such as a toaster). Some small appliances, such as a TV, may even run off an inverter. This means the refrigerator, stove, oven, hot water heater, water pump, furnace, and all lighting are powered by the 12v battery and/or the propane alone. However, the battery will only last so long - typically only a day or two at the most. For this reason alone a generator is highly recommended to be ran at least part of the day in order to keep the battery charged up.

OPTION #1 - Portable Generator

Portable generators are typically the most economical option. Dune Sport sells a great little 4000w generator made by Champion for under $500. While these generators are louder than most "built-in" style generators described below, this particular model is actually decently quiet when compared to many other portable generators.

- These portable generators typically have their own fuel tank, and do not require the on-board fuel tank to run.
- Portable generators may fit and be stored in the exterior compartment or "generator ready compartment", but are not rated or built to run safely inside.
- Portable generators are not typically permanently mounted on the trailer, so may also be used for other purposes
- Dune Sport recommends locking up your portable generator at all times while camping to keep it from being stolen

OPTION #2 - Onan MicroQuiet 4000w Gas Generator

Even though the price jump from the portable generator to the Onan generators are quite substantial, the benefits are also quite substantial. Typically priced just under $3000 for the generator, these generators do not have their own gas tank - and require an on-board gas tank for approx $600. The gas tank is typically mounted in the rear of the trailer, below the floor - and behind the axles. A fuel line is ran directly to the generator. The tank may also be shared with the on-board "fuel station" for a few hundred dollars more.

Probably the greatest benefit of the Onan generator is that it is permanently mounted in its own compartment on the trailer. This compartment is typically sealed off to prevent fumes from entering the cabin, and may also be mounted in a fire-proof metal box. As well, the generator can either be powered on or off using the switch located on the generator itself, or a remote switch inside the toy hauler.

OPTION #3 - Onan MicroQuiet 3600w Propane Generator

Onanís MicroQuiet generator also comes in the Propane version. Essentially it is the same generator as the 4000w but modified to run on Propane. This generator may run a few hundred dollars more than the gas version, but does not require the additional on-board fuel tank. Instead, this generator gets its fuel supply from the already-installed front propane tanks.

We have had many customers go with the propane generator, and have received very few complaints about them. One thing to keep in mind is on a propane generator, you are limited by the tanks you have on your generator (and any spare tanks you may have brought with you) - which is usually about 14 gallons total. With the gas generator, the tank is usually 30 gallons - so your fuel capacity and run time is literally half when you go with the proane generator.

Compare Generators in your Toy Hauler

Generator Portable Generator Onan MicroQuiet - Gas Onan MicroQuiet - Propane
Watts (max) 4000w 4000w 3600w
Estimated Price $495 $2995 $3695
Fuel Supply Generator-mounted tank included Requires fuel tank installed on Toy Hauler Uses existing propane tanks
Electric Start/Stop from inside the toy hauler No Yes Yes
Permanently mounted No Yes Yes
Compatible Toy Haulers Any 18 foot and larger 18 foot and larger
Approx Weight 111 lbs 161 lbs 161 lbs