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8940 E. Main Street - Mesa, AZ 85207

tel: 480.357.DUNE (3863)
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Factory Tour

A tour of our Toy Hauler and Trailer factory in Apache Junction, AZ (located about an hour east of Phoenix) and the process of building a Toy Hauler. The factory is a separate company and facility, but you are more than welcome to take a tour - just schedule an appointment with Dune Sport directly.

Excess fabric is left around the perimeter of the floor, which at a later time is folded up to protect the floor even better.

The vinyl floor is layed down next in a single piece - covering the entire Toy Hauler floor. Since the one-piece flloor is layed down before the walls are put into place, this eliminates any seams where water could seep into the floor.

The walls are then assembled separately using pre-made templates.

Luaun plywood, a water-proof and fire-resistant material imported from Indonesia, is glued and stapled into place on the interior-side of the walls.

A completed interior wall - complete with cut-outs for door, windows, etc.

The wall is mounted to the chassis.

Strong reinforcements are made throughout the walls, specifically for how they will be used on the Toy Hauler. These wood reinforcements for example are for mounting the dinette and couch.

Additional reinforcements.

Additional reinforcements.

The underbelly is flipped up and stapled to the exterior side of the wall, creating a completely sealed floor.

D.O.T. tubes are installed as channeling to protect all wiring against accidental shorting.

Corners are reinforced for maximum support and durability.

A close-up of a reinforced corner.

A view from below of the sealed underbelly.

On the inside of the wheel wells, preparations are made to seal the area.

A one-piece moulded wheel guard, ready to be mounted inside the wheel well.

The wheel guard is mounted inside the wheel well.

The underside view of a sealed wheel well.

R-13 Insulation is hand-cut and placed within the studs.